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BUYING PROPERTY IN SPAIN. You need a lawyer/abogado/ Адвокат.

Escrito por Cesareo Guerra, el 2 enero, 2015. Archivado en Casos de éxito, Casos prácticos, Noticias y novedades Guerra

The perils of attempting to buy in Spain are many. It is likely that one or more potential problem will be missed without proper legal advice and assistance. If you were buying in this country, would you take the risk of not instructing your own and simply relying on the word of the vendor their agent? If not, why do so when buying in Spain?.
Many people assume –or are told by the vendor– that the notary is there to ensure the purchaser’s interests are looked after. This is not true and it is crucial to employ a lawyer/abogado to look after your interest.
At all stages, thing can go wrong. Your abogado should ensure matters run smoothly or, if that cannot be avoided, that you have the advice you need to decide whether to continue. Will do this for you.
If your knowledge of Spain or your Spanish language is not as strong as you would like, offers legal services of Spanish lawyers. You can deal with us face to face in your own language so that you find out what you need to know.
If you are deciding whether to make that move to Spain, below is a step-by-step guide to your lawyer´s role:

It is important to consider how you will ensure a successful purchase. Can advise you on the type of ownership that could be best for you. You may also need to consider the tax implications when deciding who will be the registered owner. You may also wish to discuss the ways to pay and reduce the costs.
Purchasing a property or moving to Spain should start with, you are obtaining your Numéro de Identification de Extranjeros (NIE), which is a tax identification number necessary for your lawyer to arrange. To obtain this document, our fees are around 300 euros.
If you do not intend to travel to Spain to effect the sale, your lawyer will need to obtain a Power of Attorney to allow, for example, the contacts to be signed.
When making an offer, you will sometimes be asked to sign a reservation contract and pay a deposit. The reservation should explain whether the deposit is non-refundable.
This should be looked at by your lawyer before signing.
Do not sign anything -even by e-mail- before the abogado advisement. Sometimes check a simple contract will be only 400 euros fees in advance.
The abogado will do/or check all procedure till the end, that is the correct register of your property in the Registro de la Propiedad and the right tax liquidation.

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